Recognizing and Treating Athlete’s Foot

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As summer passes, there are more and more opportunities for athletic activity. Sports like basketball, baseball, swimming and others are enjoyed every day. Unfortunately, along with these can also come a fairly common foot ailment called athlete’s foot or tinea pedis. What is athletes’ foot? It is a fungal condition that can cause blisters and itchy flaky skin on the foot. Athlete’s foot prospers with moisture and can be contagious even spreading to the hands.

Other symptoms of athlete’s foot include:

  • Leaking ulcers on the feet

  • Discolored and crumbling toenails

Risk factors:

  • Wearing wet or moist shoes or socks

  • Walking barefoot in public places like bathrooms, gyms and pools

  • Sharing socks, towels, shoes or other contaminated items

  • Wearing tight fitting shoes

Way to avoid athlete’s foot include:

  • Wear light, well ventilated footwear

  • Change socks regularly

  • Wash and dry your feet especially between the toes

  • Wear sandals in public places like baths, pools or locker rooms

  • Alternate shoes to make sure you have a dry pair

  • Use anti-fungal powder regularly

If you’ve contracted athlete’s foot, it is very important for you to see your podiatrist. Only they can determine just how strong the ailment is. Depending on whether it is a mild or severe case, it may take a long time to successfully treat. Treatments include over the counter medicine for more mild cases and prescription strength anti-fungal and antibiotic creams and oral anti-fungal and oral antibiotics for more severe cases.

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