Three Ways to Celebrate National Foot Health Awareness Month


Happy April! At Park 56 Podiatry, we hope you’re all enjoying spring in New York City. Did you know that every April is National Foot Health Awareness Month? Don’t worry if you didn’t; there’s still plenty of time left to celebrate! In this blog, we’ll cover three ways you can improve your overall foot health this April.

Fend Off Bunions and Hammertoes

With the weather getting warmer, we’ll all want to be sure that our feet are looking as nice as possible. If bunions and hammertoes are hurting your confidence and keeping you from going barefoot or wearing open-toed shoes, you should know that improving the appearance of your feet doesn’t always require a full surgical correction of your bunions and hammertoes. You can limit the negative effects of bunions and hammertoes by:

  • Wearing custom orthotics and avoiding shoes that cramp your toes

  • Smoothing feet with a pumice stone to avoid corns and calluses

  • Exercise toes routinely to improve any misalignment

Zap Your Fungal Nails

Fungal toenails are another foot condition that can have unideal cosmetic consequences. Fungal toenails are caused by the same type of fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot. Therefore, it’s easy to pick up in warm, moist places like swimming pools or public locker rooms. If you’re living with yellowish and brittle toenails, you should try laser therapy treatment. It’s quick, painless, and, most importantly, effective. Treat yourself this National Foot Health Awareness Month to healthier, stronger toenails.

Find the Right Podiatrist

The best way to celebrate National Foot Health Awareness Month is to create a regular relationship with a podiatrist in your area. Receiving a foot evaluation can help you have healthier feet this April and all year long. If you’re located near Midtown Manhattan, our board-certified podiatrists, Dr. Jonathan Levy and Dr. Nadia Levy, would love to see you as soon as possible. Make an appointment online or call (212) 980-6487 today.